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Simply Smiles provides bright futures for children, families, and communities. The organization partners with populations in need to create physical and emotional environments where suffering is alleviated and from which local leaders can emerge.

About Us

Personal. Communal. Holistic.

Simply Smiles is a not-for-profit organization that provides bright futures for impoverished children, their families, and their communities. What makes Simply Smiles different may not be easy or concise to explain, but it has proven to be impactful, sustainable, scalable, and successful.

If your sister, your best friend, someone you loved needed help – how would you help them? Would you drop a used coat off at their doorstep and walk away? Would you just loan them a small amount of money? Would you keep them at a distance?

Of course not. You would sit down, look them in the eyes, and listen. You would learn and understand their situation, their pain. Empathy would well up inside of you. Their struggle would become yours. You would commit yourself to helping them in every way necessary. You would fulfill their immediate needs and ease their suffering. Then side by side you would work together to put into place the long-term solution - to solve the problem. All of this in a manner that would build your loved one’s dignity. At the beginning, throughout, and in the end – you would make them smile.

This is the Simply Smiles approach to the poverty in our world. Our supporters, our donors, and our volunteers allow us to see the individual in need and support them in this same way – but on a scale of thousands of individuals and growing.

From the desolate prairies of an Indian reservation in South Dakota to the remote mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, this personal and holistic approach means we are providing food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, infrastructure, jobs, pride, dignity, hope, and solutions.

We need your help. The work is hard. The emotions searing and powerful. The injustices many. But we can all make a child smile. So let’s start there. And hand in hand we will walk that child down the path to the bright future that every person deserves.

Take a moment to experience a sample of our successes.