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Simply Smiles provides bright futures for children, families, and communities. The organization partners with populations in need to create physical and emotional environments where suffering is alleviated and from which local leaders can emerge.


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Field Notes from the Reservation: Hard work, rewarding smiles

Alex Gross

Today's Field Note recapping the Wapping Community Church's first few days in La Plant is brought to you by youth volunteers Mike Fialkoff and Aly Dansereau and chaperone Nancy Bassilakis.

Fun with face paint at camp!

Fun with face paint at camp!

Monday was a sweltering summer day in the plains of South Dakota, a far cry from the scenery of South Windsor, CT. A mix of high school students and adults have worked diligently to contribute to the efforts and philosophy of Simply Smiles.

Shocked by the immense difference between the lifestyles of the residents of the Reservation and our group, we worked intently on improving the outlook of all of those involved in the Simply Smiles experience. Our day today was one of the hardest and dirtiest that we have ever experienced, but the Simply Smiles ideals have kept us persevering for the sake of those who we are here for. 

By interacting with the energetic children, we have been able to realize that they are no different than children back home. They are shy when you first meet them, but eventually warm up to you with a game of Ball-tag or signing your name in their notebook.

In just a few hours, friendly relationships have been formed and we look forward to spending more time with the kids.

Though our week has just begun, we have already been able to acknowledge the impact that we have had on the community and imagine the improvements that can only further help. This trip thus far has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences and will continue to be throughout and after our time here at Simply Smiles. 

-Aly and Mike

On Tuesday, we continued to work on projects around the community center in the morning and at the summer camp in the afternoon. Although the official work project time is less than four hours, we have been able to accomplish so much. Our group has divided and conquered over the past few days, tackling projects that most of us have never done before. Between installing light fixtures and house finishing, to the laborious and heavy concrete mixing, we have broken our backs (figuratively) several times over. Our kids are giving their all to this community, both physically and emotionally. 

Planning for play:  Our friends from Wapping work with Emma and Sam to prepare the ground and border for an upcoming playground project!

Planning for play: Our friends from Wapping work with Emma and Sam to prepare the ground and border for an upcoming playground project!

We end each day with a community circle. Our 23 youth and 6 advisors talked about what we have seen and experienced here on the Reservation. Bryan (the founder of Simply Smiles) had spoken at our church and told us about the level of poverty on the Reservation. But even that did not prepare us for what we have seen. Although the prairie is vast and beautiful, the remoteness of this place is startling. Compared to Connecticut, there is nowhere to go, nothing to do. No jobs, no recreation center, no retirement home, no preschool program, no grocery store, no doctor, no vet for all of the stray dogs (which the kids have quickly become attached to), no anything. 

Last night, we sat in a circle and processed our thoughts thus far, sharing our surprises, our joys, and our wishes for the people of LaPlant. They talked about how cars and campers and motorcycles just drive by on their way to their destination and never realize the struggles of the people who live in La Plant. They talked about the remoteness of the people who live here without cars with a sense of shock. How do they survive without a grocery store nearby?

And they talked about the joy on the children’s faces when you play basketball, or build LEGOs, or let them paint your face. I sat in the circle listening to our compassionate youth with tears in my eyes. Tears of sorrow for the challenges that face the children of La Plant, and tears of joy that our children see the challenges and know that they are making a difference. 

To everyone who supported our mission to La Plant, South Dakota, not only have you made a positive impact on the people of La Plant through sending our youth out here to build houses and playgrounds, but you have changed all of us in so many ways as well. The depth of compassion and love that we are developing will be something that we will carry with us of the rest of our lives. Thank you.

- Nancy