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Simply Smiles provides bright futures for children, families, and communities. The organization partners with populations in need to create physical and emotional environments where suffering is alleviated and from which local leaders can emerge.


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Field Notes from the Reservation: Gradually understanding the place

Alex Gross

Today's Field Note is brought to you by Lori Love, who is volunteering with our friends from South Granby and Monroe this week. Read her reflections from the first few days of her experience.

The air is cool at the start of our Monday morning here at the Simply Smiles Community Center. It is surprising how so many people can share a common space, and it is so quiet and peaceful in the early hours of the day. The sun wakes us and most are up and about around 6.

As I wander the grounds, I am mesmerized at the sight of someone on horseback across the way. With the mist rising and the sun beginning to peek through, I watch as the horse and rider slowly make their way to the crest of the hill and stop as if to survey the approaching day. I can’t help but imagine this scene as it would have been 200 years ago and I am sad that this world, their world has changed so much.

It is a great way to start the day with the Walk On program. I am so happy to see Anthony and his grandmother at the track and we all complete our daily mile with the help, of course, of the faithful pack of dogs. It is both fun and scary to watch this devoted pack of dogs escort the big red bus everywhere it goes! 

We are so hungry and happy to get a wonderful breakfast of eggs and potatoes and after the morning chores are ready to tackle our various projects around the center. There are groups working on the archery field and the greenhouse while others work on creating the whimsical pathway that will surround the upcoming playground. Several work on new garden stakes and others create a new buffalo for the herd in the front pasture. A separate group has headed down the road to continue with the finishing touches on the new house. The sun is warm, the birds are singing and everywhere you can hear the sounds of tools and laughter and community. It feels good to be here.

It is amazing how fast the morning slips away and todays lunch features quesadillas. With each main meal, we are finding a lovely salad with Hidden Valley ranch dressing, which we have learned is a town-wide favorite. It is awesome to know that we are enjoying radishes from this garden! It is also really fun to start to get to know all of the different folks here - from Sam and Dave to the interns to our neighbors in Connecticut, and, in doing so, deepening our relationships with our own crew. It is easy to find common ground and to make new friendships that you can already tell will last far beyond our week here.

Knock-out after the town-wide meal! (A.Gross, La Plant, July 2015)

Knock-out after the town-wide meal! (A.Gross, La Plant, July 2015)

Last night was our first town-wide meal. It was our first real interaction with most of the residents and they were very gracious and welcoming to us all. It was humbling to hear some of the stories of the struggles of these people and at the end of the evening, I was so hopeful that we would meet again later in this week and hopefully in my future. It felt right to serve the elders first and to be reminded that their path has been so different from mine. A strange feeling to be so happy yet so sad at the same time.

I experienced those same emotions this afternoon as the camp session started. Between the two groups from Connecticut, we had plenty of satisfying projects and games to play. Some children worked in the garden, others played basketball and some read or played games.

Coloring fun! (A.Gross, La Plant, July 2015)

Coloring fun! (A.Gross, La Plant, July 2015)

I made a rainstick with Junior and as we worked together, he had plenty of questions for me about my life. I was deeply saddened by most of his questions as they were mostly based on questions regarding fear and hatred. I answered simply and truthfully and decided that, for today, I would not ask too many questions in return because I simply wanted to hear his thoughts.

Again I was struck by the thought that if this beautiful child had been in one of our Connecticut schools, the system would have been all over it with worry about his emotional state and his situation at home. But who here would care? The Simply Smiles crew. That's who.

We had been warned that some of the children would test us - by acting out or not sharing their true names or seeing how much they could get away with. I found that, with the exception of a few, most of the children were pleased to see us and clamored for attention and piggy back rides. I rode on the big red bus with Alex when she drove the children home and wondered what kind of life went on behind the walls of the homes in the community. I felt sad as I watched two young boys meandering down the road towards nothing, while another group of children who had not come to camp played in an old beat up van.

Back at the center we are relaxing tonight - some residents are here for horseshoes and I got a wonderful lesson in the proper technique from Arlen - he was so nice, and encouraging and I tossed a few good ones! 

Fun with the kids in the garden! (A.Gross, La Plant, July 2015)

Fun with the kids in the garden! (A.Gross, La Plant, July 2015)

I wandered out to the spiders web in the playground - following the sounds of lively conversation from some of the teens. I feel super lucky at how accepted they all make me feel. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and shared interesting conversation with Anthony. I feel like the teens are a huge influence on him and will help to give him reasons to grow and learn. 

As the evening winds down, folks are scattered about reading, playing cards, chatting about the day. I am looking forward to tomorrow and although we have only been here since Saturday evening, it feels like we have been here for a much longer time. I feel very grateful.