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Thank you for your interest in Simply Smiles! We invite you to explore our projects in Oaxaca, Mexico and on the Cheyenne River Reservation, as well as volunteer opportunities in these locations.

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Dedicated to building bright futures for impoverished children, their families, and their communities.

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Just another Friday on the Reservation.

Timothy Nurnberger

Hello, loyal blog readers! Tonight, I exhaustedly write to you from my bed on the Reservation for a quick update on just another regular day here in La Plant.

Today consisted of a 7am trip to the grocery store for water and blueberries for wojapi (a delicious Lakota dessert - think the inside of a blueberry pie), 4 hours of manual labor on a renovated trailer home, summer camp for 50 kids filled with countless piggy backs and singing of "the bus song", putting drywall on the ceiling that fell in, feeding 100 people tacos on fry bread, fighting a prairie fire with shovels and towels, eating watermelon, night roofing, and saying goodbye to an awesome group of volunteers.

Just another day on the Rez.

Thanks so much, Redding group, for a simply fantastic week. Your hard work and loving hearts will live on here in La Plant in the futures of the friends you've made.