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#bigredbus - The Bus Chronicles, Pt 4

Timothy Nurnberger



We have officially made it to South Dakota! After spending the night in Chamberlin, today we head to Pierre to shop for supplies and will finally make our way with the big red bus to La Plant. We are all excited to see what our friends are up to, and to know that our time riding the big red bus across the country is coming to a close.

Yesterday was a day of straight driving. Because of our leisurely day the day before of lake-playing and stop-making, yesterday we really had to motor. And motor we did. We drove about 500 miles yesterday, tracking through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and finally South Dakota. The town of Chamberlin is a sleepy place along the Missouri River, with a main road that looks straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie. Our hotel is actually situated right on the bank of the river, so we were awoken by a gorgeous waterside view this morning.

And it is HOT in South Dakota! That volunteer packet isn't lying about the heat. The bus yesterday was transformed from a funky, breezy ride to the inside of a hairdryer: very windy and very hot. We passengers in the bus sit in the front, which is where the engine is located, making it the hottest part of the vehicle. The area where Bryan's feet sit is akin to a convection oven, making for some swollen Shrek feet by the end of the day (don't worry, I won't put up a picture).



We met this guy at a truck stop right on the South Dakota border - he didn'tseem to take too kindly to having his picture taken:

Sorry, guy.

That's all for now. Today we should arrive in La Plant, which means fingers crossed for Internet, but no promises. This is my first time to the Reservation, after spending all last summer in Oaxaca, so I'm super excited to get started.

Stay posted, as we will try to write blog posts when we have an Internet connection - no bull, I swear! (See what I did there?)

Have a great week, everyone!

- Haley