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Thank you for your interest in Simply Smiles! We invite you to explore our projects in Oaxaca, Mexico and on the Cheyenne River Reservation, as well as volunteer opportunities in these locations.

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Dedicated to building bright futures for impoverished children, their families, and their communities.

Jobs & Internships

do meaningful work

We're looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals to join the Simply Smiles team.

have an impact!

Your work will have a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities in need.


broaden your talents

Working for Simply Smiles allows you to live and work at our project locations, gain real-world skills, and really understand the depth of our approach and philosophy.


collaboration is key

Harnessing the talents, skills and passions of our staff is key to the success of Simply Smiles. You will be a valuable part of an effective team.

competitive compensation

Working for a not-for-profit does not mean taking a vow of poverty. Simply Smiles offers competitive compensation packages for full-time positions.

available positions:

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation, South Dakota • Summer 2017

Garden Assistant

Serving as the Garden Assistant is a unique opportunity to live on the Reservation and gain a nuanced perspective into issues of food sovereignty and food insecurity. The Garden Assistant will work with the Garden Manager on food production, garden classes, and food education for the community and Simply Smiles volunteers. Minimum commitment is one month, June to September. This is an unpaid volunteer position. 

Smile Corps Volunteer

As a "Smile Corps" Long-Term Volunteer on the Reservation, you will work with the Simply Smiles staff to help manage our weekly volunteer groups and work to put the children and their families of this community on the path toward a brighter future. You will be fully immersed on the Reservation throughout your experience, helping with construction projects, running the day-to-day programs, and focusing on our daily afternoon summer camps. Minimum commitment is one month. This is an unpaid volunteer position.

Food Preparation Intern

The Food Preparation Intern will be responsible for managing all meals on the Reservation, both for the community of La Plant and for the Simply Smiles volunteers. This person will plan weekly menus, manage daily preparation, and prepare three weekly town-wide meals with volunteers and individuals from the Reservation community. Minimum commitment of one month, June to September. Submit the application to inquire about internship credit or living stipend opportunities. 

join a supportive team

We understand the unique demands of working at Simply Smiles. We work together. We travel together. We're even known to have fun together!